Sunday, March 9, 2014

Petition Needed NOW!

Arizonans Think
  In just a few more hours I will be doing the same thing to all of my clocks as Arizonans do - nothing.  Why is this the only state of the contiguous 48 states in the United States that isn't stupid or at least isn't overloaded with golf players? I commend them for their courageous stance going back at least four decades.
   Do you think?  If you do think (which means you are against Daylight Saving Time) and can make a petition for us all to sign at please send email to any of the following email addresses:  hhhobbit[GNAT], henryhertzhobbit[GNAT], hhhobbit[GNAT], or hhhobbit[GNAT]  I think.  I gave the email addresses in an order from most read to least read.  This is an important issue.  If you can think, you know immediately what you should do.  Write me with the subject "I think, therefore kill DST."  See the note on Petition Drive Needed at the end of this blog entry.

 Television Programming Problems
(click on picture to enlarge)

   They still have problems with it.  This is not a complaint.  It is a sympathy vote.  But dealing with them on this issue, especially concerning the differences here and the neighboring state of Arizona is a pain.  They immediately shift to local time rather than doing all calculations in UTC time and then adding the time offset.  In just a few minutes, you will still be subtracting 7 hours for Arizona whereas here in Utah with idiots we will be subtracting 6 hours.  But look at the picture carefully.  Look at the times across the top.  I snapped it before DST went into effect.  The description says 1:00 AM but the time on the top says 08:00.  In case you are wondering, yes, I would much rather have a 24 hour clock.  It will take a few days before I mentally stop sutracting 7 hours and instead use 6.  Why the difference?  They set that top time with Javascript which is my machine which uses UTC time.  They should use PHP to get it off the server instead.

My Career
   Looking back over life I wished I had done my undergraduate work at Northern Arizona University and my graduate work at the University of Arizona in Astrophysics.  Right now I could be working tuning all of telescopes in Hawaii or the Canary Islands.  And I would have the blessed relief of no Daylight Saving Time!  You see, Hawaii and Alaska don't use Daylight Saving Time.  But like my computers, the astronomical observatories don't use local time anyway.  They use UTC time.

Finer Time Precison
   NIST in Boulder Colorado?  I wouldn't be surprised that old Cesium time clocks may be phased away.  They are using Mercury that paradoxically needs to be heated before it is super-cooled with a laser.  The result is that the temperature is dropped down extremely close to absolute zero (just a few millionsth of a degree above it).  See the fifth episode in the series "Physics for the 21st Century."  It is titled "The Quantum World."  And in addition to finer time they are exploring fundamental questions in Physics that relate the small (atom - Quantum Mechanics) and the large (universe - Einstein's General Theory of Relativity).  You contrast this excellent work and see the clock smashing an hour forward and thankfully giving you an extra hour of sleep in the fall But what a contrast.

Daylight Saving Time Kills
   Here is a good one on why you should probably stay home the Monday after the shift to Daylight Saving Time in the spring:

But DST doesn't kill just in that way.  It kills due to an increase in heart attacks any many other health related problems.  Maybe I should state this in a way that makes sense.  By forcing Daylight Saving Time (DST) on us the congress of the United States has done the equivalent of passing a law mandating we must all smoke tobacco products.  It is about the same thing.  Think about it for a while.

   We  need a petition to end DST.  A perfect place to do it is  Who should do it?  Not me!  Why not me?
  • I don't have the requisite skill set to create and handle the petition.
  • I get 500+ spam messages a day because my IWSP (Yahoo) can't get the idea into their heads that only messages addressed to me (hhhobbit), abuse, postmaster, and webmaster should go into my email.  Otherwise they are pretty good in delivering good service or I would change to another IWSP.  But I used to get malware as well.  The last two big days of the malware were no spam and 500+ messages with malware attached to them.  I categorized them into five types of highly dangerous malware the first day.  The second day the sampling wasn't as good and I had only two types.
  • I am reviewing the malware links at to make sure we are not blocking hosts that no longer pump out malware and are otherwise valid.  In this area I am highly skilled.  Only a few other people are doing it.  Do you want me to stop doing it? 
  Ergo, if somebody is interested in doing it please email me at hhhobbit[GNAT], henryhertzhobbit[GNAT], hhhobbit[GNAT], or hhhobbit[GNAT]  Use the subject "I think, therefore kill DST." I will help you out as much as I can but please realize I am busy.  Where can I best be used?  I mentioned malware.  Just like a hacker I am an excellent foot-printer.  I can find information on lots of things where others fail.  Why?  I don't quit searching and I am never satisfied with the information I have gathered.  So let's get this petition started.  How effective are they?  On one an India ambassador to the UN was paying less than minimum wage to an employee.  At the end the Indian government had him strip searched, hand-cuffed, and whisked off back to India for what ever they did to him.  What ever they did wasn't good because I haven't even heard of him ever since.  Change can happen!

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