Sunday, March 8, 2015

We HAD a petition

Over a year ago we had a petition for people to sign to get rid of Daylight Saving Time.  It was at the White House.  But the petition is gone now.  It may be years before we get another chance.  I just observed that Spain is stupidly using the Central European Zone for setting their clocks.

I still say For those that want to do things earlier during spring summer, and fall you can still do it!  But you do it by shifting the time you do things around and leaving the clock alone!  It seems like people would understand, but for some reason they don't.  I don't know why they cannot see that concept.  Thinking was thrown into the sewer almost 40 years ago at least on this.  The only states with clear thinking are Arizona, Hawaii, and Alaska.  For two where they are at makes a difference but Arizona is not that much different than New Mexico or a dozen other states.  Even Florida has more similarities with Hawaii in being nearer to the equator than most other states.  It is so hot in Florida that you should go golfing in the morning anyway.

Whether you should do things earlier should be a state by state and if possible a person by person issue. I still feel it would be better accomplished with two separate 1/2 hour shifts in spring, one at the end of March and one at the end of April.  But it is something that should be decided by the people in their individual states.  The only thing done federally is just go to standard time and stay there.  The transportation companies and all of the television channels would have a gigantic thank you for the federal government.

In the fall the shift to doing things later needs to be done one month sooner.  We are exposing children to getting killed in the darkness in early spring and late fall.

Hopefully we will get a chance in the future to vote again.  If I find one I will post it on the blog.  I just wished somebody who is better at starting propositions and things would help create one on a national level that we can all vote on during an election.  Even if we lost we would not lose. Why?  Because we could get the knowledge out that people can achieve the same thing of taking advantage of more daylight hours without changing the clock by just starting the day earlier!

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